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underlying reason for all the tribals to purchase new clothes

wear them on Sanfaraiati day.

e)   Kanuma :

On tills meat  eating day of the   Pongal   festival,  the

Gadabas emulate the Hindus. It Is a day of rejoicing. Cock-

fights, gambling, and drinking are to be found everywhere*

The Gadabas heartily join in these Indulgences. No religious

sinificance can be attached to this.


This is the festival of lights when fire crackers are burnt

by everybody. The Gadabas also bum fire crackers. But this is

done without religious conviction.

g)   Nagula ChaYlti :

Snakes are propitiated with offerings of milk and egg by

the Hindus. By doing so? It Is believed, the snakes are pleased,

and they will not bite. The Gadabas also have snake  fear In

their surroundings. Only families having Hanumanthu and Pullem

as surname perform this ritual Just like Hindus. The others do not

celebrate this festival,

6,    iamanavami,    Krishna jayanti & VSnayaka Chaviti :

They do not celebrate these festivals

7.    Village Goddess festival :

The festival of the village goddess of Bobbili is a triennial

event. It is celebrated with great pomp and luxury by citizens

of Bobbiii . It attracts huge crowds. On this occasion people

invite relatives., daughters and sisters with their families, give them

new clothes, and feast them with specially prepared cuisine. Non 

vegatarians eat meat compulsorily on that day. The processionof the

goddess is spectacular. The Gadabas of Raja Chenivu valasa walk

a long distance to watch the procession, entertainment programmes,

fancy dresses, etc., and enjoy them, admiring the Hindu culture